I believe we were all created with the power to get wealth, to live a life of financial freedom, financial independence and financial significance.  The road we take may not be easy, but it will be worth it.  Many people want wealth without the process, when its the process that brings the wealth!  Financial transformation is possible with the right blueprint for wealth.  RESET your mind, RESET your money, NOW! - LaShawne Holland

LET'S CELEBRATE! Marshawn Evans selects LaShawne Holland International as the ME Brand of the Year for 2012!

Thank you so much to all the clients and fans that voted and made this possible.  WOW...what a difference a year makes!  As one of the nation's leading experts where money is concerned I love helping people maximize their financial potential and reach new levels of financial freedom.  Thank you again and I look forward to working with all those that join the Financial Revolution.

What the Experts are Saying about LaShawne

LaShawne Holland is more than a financial coach.  She is a walking financial visionary who provides you with the precise vehicles necessary to arrive in a place of lasting abundance.  She is exactly what this generation needs right now to go to the next level.  I'm proud to see that she not only found her voice, but that she is living her true divine purpose. Her message and mission were born for the masses!

- Marshawn Evans, Godfidence Coach & Founder of ME University

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Every Goal Has A Process


One of the reasons that people lack financial intelligence in the area of INCREASING THEIR INCOME is because they want the money, but not the process.  When they don’t realize that it’s the process that makes them rich, not the money. 

You have to choose your goal and then choose your process.  Your process IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE GOAL.

Without the process, your vision is nothing more than a fantasy.

When your knowledge grows, your money will grow.  Education is not your enemy.  You do your part and God is SURE to do His part.  We purposefully ignore information and then we like to hide behind God. Every Goal has a process, even your financial ones!

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What is Your Family Financial DNA?

Do your current money habits mirror someone else in your family? Past or present?  WHY?  Our ideas and beliefs about money didn't just come from no where.  The truth of the matter is that our families directly or indirectly taught us alot; from thier attitude concerning money and their financial practices.  Unhealthy financial habits are passed down from generation to generation just like the color of your hair, or the shape of your eyes.  We either copy their beliefs or we do an 180 degree turn and go the oposite direction.  No thoughts live in your head rent free.  How you think about money will cost you something.  What say You?







You Don't Multiply By Subtracting!

Assets vs. Liabilities - How far would you be if you started out knowing the rules and principals that governed wealth accumulation? 


People often ask me why I want to teach financial literacy.  My response is "Have you seen the reports of the amount of debt that Americans are in?  WHY NOT.  It's obvious that people need to know the differnce between an asset and a liability, and THEN they need to be taught how to purchase assets".  The difference with a person that has a wealthy mindset, is that they understand the definitions of the two AND the difference of the two.  Because they understand,  they then buy assets that add value to their wealth and not liabilities that they THINK are assets. One of the primary and fundamental challenges of financial bondage is just simply NOT KNOWING the difference between an asset and a liability.  I teach my kids that assets put food on your table and liabilities take food off your table.  Another way of putting it is that assets put money in the bank and liabilities withdraw your money out of the bank.  You don't multiply you subtracting!